Classical Pilates

Classical Pilates is a form of exercise, which was developed early last century by Joseph H. Pilates (1880 - 1967).  He devised this exercise system, which moves the body through a broad range of movement on the mat and on special apparatus, to help the body find health and balance.  Classical Pilates is a movement system made up of exercises, which are performed in a sequenced order and should be executed with a specific rhythm and dynamics.  Although, only a small number of repetitions are required, the quality of each movement is key.

Since Pilates is a functional form of exercise, it improves posture, and provides stimulation to all of the organs in the human body, which makes the body as a whole healthier. Additional benefits include:  enhanced support of the respiratory system, increased circulation, decreased pain, improved flexibility, a general feeling of over-all well-being, and increased self esteem.

Pilates tones and uses all the muscles of the body synergistically.  One of the most important focuses is on the abdominals, or the Powerhouse, as Joe Pilates called it.   The Powerhouse can be defined as a four inch band in and around the center supported by the inner thighs and seat.  Pilates also focuses on the muscles which depress the shoulder blades.  The activation of all of these muscles creates more stability in the body, therefore, strengthening the body and increasing mobility.

Pilates International was founded and established in 1991 and was the first Pilates  studio in the El Paso/Las Cruces area. It is dedicated to teaching Classical Pilates. What is Classical Pilates? Classical Pilates training is a movement system that builds greater endurance, flexibility, strength, and performance.

Today, Pilates International also provides Pilates education throughout the world. Its instructors are dedicated to carrying on the classical Pilates tradition and offer the safest and most effective Pilates programs. Pilates International is owned by Rance Molitor and Sonia Rodriguez. This powerful husband and wife teams mission is to inspire clients to reach a higher level of health and fitness, self-awareness, and self confidence.

Our Approach

Road Biking

"Pilates has helped me become a stronger cyclist and overall better athlete. Pilates focuses on strengthening core muscles (the powerhouse!), helps improve balance and breathing. All of this combined creates more power to turn those pedals! I have no more low back pain, better posture, and the fun part.......Sonia's classes are never boring and always challenging!"

                                            --Sue O.

Because of Rance and Sonia's extensive educational training and approach they attract clients who want to get out of pain, stay out of pain, and improve their daily movement quality. Through the years, their clientele  ranges from individuals that are in chronic pain and discomfort to professional althletes. 

Whether an individual is  training for a marathon or dealing with physical pain and discomfort, the approach is the same. See below the 3 basic steps taken to coach a client to their next level of health and wellbeing. 

Step 1: Determine the Root Cause

                  During the first session, Rance and Sonia will evaluate the client's movement patterns and determine the root 

                  cause of the pain and discomfort. Furthermore, they will be able to identify which muscles are weak and tight. 

Step 2: Reeducate the Body

                  Once the root cause of the pain is identified they will begin to reeducate movement patterns in the body.   

                  Pilates in then used as the vehicle to lengthen the spine and stabilize the pelvis and shoulder girdle. 

Step 3: Continue Progression

                  Once discomfort is no longer present, the program will progress in order to continue improving the client's  

                  functional movement, flexibility, stability, range of motion, and strength.                           


"Being able to do the activities I enjoy, play golf, and the continue to travel are important to me.  Rance has taught me how to move my body correctly and educated me on how to stay out of pain. Pilates is an amazing program that has improved my balance, strength, flexibility, and mobility. "

                                                    --Sandy P.