Relieves Pain and Discomfort

Functional Therapeutic Massage is about pressure and intention,             

along with the goals set by an intake form and discussion that

occurs with the client prior to the start of the session. Often

pressure and intention is varied throughout the session as the

therapist evaluates the integrity of the tissue being worked and

how it responds.  Deep tissue, trigger point, and Swedish

massage are offered.






Rance has over 25 years experience in theMassage Therapy Industry. Rance takes massage therapy one step further  and applies his knowledge of Pilates and functional  movement to relieve the body of pain and discomfort. He focuses on applying massage therapy to release and lengthen muscles and tendons  that  prohibit the body from moving functionally correct thus creating pain, imbalances, injury to the spine and other joints. He then reprograms your movement patterns so that the muscles move biomechanically correct. 


Client Testimony:

“Functional Therapeutic Massage with Rance has saved my back, knees and my sanity.


His extensive knowledge of the structure, function and connections of muscles and muscle groups allow him to evaluate issues/pains I have. He is able to recommend adjustments to my activities of daily living and is a master at identifying and releasing trigger points during the massage.


His technique is professional, reassuring and never awkward. I would recommend Rance for functional therapeutic massage for all ages and issues”


                                                                                                                                                                                      —Mary B.



Pilates Sessions combined with Functional Therapeutic 

Massage are a powerful combination to reprogram the body

 and reduce pain and discomfort. 

                                                                       Massage Therapy (1 Hour)………………………………………………. $75.00

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